Located Just South of Kansas City, Missouri. About 20,000 People Enjoy a Berry Picking Outing at The Berry Patch Each Year!

Berry Availability - 2013
Blueberry Season Over for 2013
Summer Blackberry Season Over
Fall Blackberries are Over for 2013

August 17th we returned to fall/Winter hours Tuesday and Saturday mornings, 9am-12pm

We plan to have frozen Blueberries throughout the Fall and Spring!

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Fresh We-Pik Blueberries:
Available through Saturday, August 10th Only

Frozen We-Pik Blueberries:
We plan to have Frozen We-Pik year 'round

Summer U-Pik Blackberries
Picking Tuesday and Saturday Mornings.
Picking Finished for 2013

Fall U-Pik Blackberries:
Crop was only fair this year.
Picking Finished for 2013

Also See: "Picking Report"

Over 6000 Blueberry Plants for Sale
(See Column to the Right)


Picking Dates - Hours:
U-Pik Blueberries: June 18th
Through August 17th

2013 Crop Is Only Fair !
Summer Varieties: Late July
Late Summer & Fall Blackberries:
Fair Crop - But Gone for 2013!!
U-Pik Blueberry Hours:
Gone for 2013

U-Pik Blackberry Hours:
Tuesday and Saturday: 9:00AM - 12:00PM

Late Summer, Winter & Spring Hours:
Tues & Sat, 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Frozen Blueberries Year 'Round!

Some Frozen Blackberries Available

20 Acres of Blueberry Heaven - June, July, Aug

Thousands of Blueberry Plants
for Sale All Year

Many Sizes from 12" to 60"
Pot size from 2 - 12 Gallon
Prices from $12.00 - $24.00

12 Month Availability


Blueberry Muffins

Thunder Mountain Muffins
(Our Very Own Famous Muffin)

Whole Grain Thunder Mountain
(AKA. Mamma's Muffins. Our Famous Muffin Recipe made with Stone Ground Whole Wheat - Stone Ground in Our Own Grinder)

Blueberry Cobblers

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip and Nut
Oatmeal Raison
Oatmeal Raison and Nut
Chocolate Chip
(Nuts = Pecans)

Other Kitchen Items:

Blueberry Braided Cream Cheese Bread
Blueberry Lemonade
Whole Grain, Stone Ground Wheat Breads
Blueberry Cinnamon Rolls

Blueberry Gobstopper
- Warm Blueberry muffin, split & filled with Ice cream, Blueberries and topped with Blueberry Syrup.

We also fill large muffin orders made to order for businesses, parties, or other social events. Call and leave message for details and pricing.
We'll get back to you ASAP!
Please give at least 3-4 days notice for bulk bakery good orders!


Welcome to
The Berry Patch!

We are a, family fun,
you-pick (or we-pick) berry farm.
Our Specialty: Missouri's Largest Blueberry Grower, we also have Summer and Fall Blackberries

1st Picking Blackerries - Early July - Oct

The Berry Train In Action

Always Check The Picking Report
Before Coming Out!

Nerluc: Normally quite docile, he can be dangerous if he gets upset. He is named after a city in France (Nerluc) that was recently renamed Tarascon after a horned "dragon" (a Tarasque) that was killed there in the 2nd century. (See more below. Those strange creatures are David, Penny, Joshua, Tom, Penny's mom, Peg Stevenson, and Grace.
A small part of the Giant Haybale Mountain Maze. All kids seem to have a blast on... and in, the Haybale Mountain.

Nerluc (continued): An annual celebration of the event [the appearance and killing of the Tarasque] occured from the 2nd century through 1910. Pictures of the event can be found on the www. Note that Wikipedia identifies it as "A mythological monster, the Tarasque." Was the Wikipedia author a withess? Of course not. When and how did it get the title Myth? Simple, when Mythological Historical Science began to dominate Western Culture, claiming that the last dinosaur died 65 million years ago. There is much historical evidence of dinosaurs in Human History. We would suggest that the "Myth" is Wikipedia, and others, calling the the Tarasque "Mythological." Another "scientific myth" is that "a living dinosaur never saw a man and a living man never saw a lifing dinosaur." Tales of man and very large "reptile-like" creatures abound. It is myth to pronounce all such accounts to be "mythological" simply because of atheist-inspired psuedo-science. Dinosaurs are mentioned ~10 times in the Bible and many times in other histories, but never called "dinosaur" for the simple reason the word wasn't invented until the 1830's, by Richard Owen. "Owen is probably best remembered today for coining the word Dinosauria (meaning "Terrible Reptile" or "Fearfully Great Reptile") and for his outspoken opposition to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection." (Wikipedia) "Insisting evolution couldn't be true, Owen maintained to the end of his days that the dominant life forms in earth's history had arisen through special creation, without ancestors." (http://www.strangescience.net/owen.htm - very good article).Wikepedia and this article totally disagree on whether Owen accepted evolution. We don't care. Our studies confirm "evolution is myth."

See also: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/legend. Note the primary definition of "legend" is a story that is "not verifyable." This is essentially true of all historical events, including the American Revolution and Julius Caesar. Obviously, evidence supporting some historical events is better than for others. But, ultimately one can believe the "history," or question it. The practice of claiming the events that agree with your religion are true and the ones that don't agree with it are false (or myth), may fool some folks, but not all. The evidence for dinosaurs in Human History is worldwide. Atheists can brush it aside in favor of their mythology if they choose. Some "Christians" can rewrite the Bible (which clearly reports dinosaurs in Human history) to attempt to fit it into atheist mythology if they choose. We think the Bible and real history agree, and Nerluc/Tarasque is one good example - Dinosaurs did exist in Human History, but they gradually became extinct as men multiplied over the face of the Earth.

Willis Family News:
It has been another busy year in the Willis family! Dave is still working in Jefferson City in the Missouri house. He received a promotion from Chief of Staff, and is continuing to work in the political community running campaigns here in Missouri.
Josh Promoted Liz to a Willis.Josh and Liz are still living in the Kansas City area. Liz is still working as a personal trainer, but has gone back to school at JCCC to get her pharmacy pre-requirements and she has picked up a second job at a Pharmacy to get her retail-pharmacy hours. She hopes to apply to Pharmacy school in the next 2-3 years. Josh is still working as a computer programmer, designing computer applications, websites, and programs.
Grace has just finished her second year at the University of Missouri, and in combination with her credits from JCCC has finished her undergraduate studies in Animal Science. She has been accepted to the University of Missouri's College of Veterinary Medicine, and will begin the four year Vet School program this fall.
Tom and Penny are busy maintaining the farm, replanting some of the older plants we have lost in the last 30 years, and planting entire new patches. Tom remaines very active in The Creation Science Organization of Mid America, holding monthly meetings and yearly safari's for families to learn about Creation and strengthen their faith. Penny, though struggling with some health issues, is actively working to maintain the store and organize planting of new fields. She spends as much time as possible with "Nanny" (as we call her!) and works hard to maintain the Willis Household and keep the rest of us sane!
Nanny had a hard fall this summer, leaving her with a double fractured pelvis. However, after a week in "Rehab," she's back home and on a great road to recovery with the help of lots of family and friends!

*Note: "We-Pik" Berries at The Berry Patch: We are, and always have been a U-Pik Berry Patch. For many years we allowed, even encouraged, local folks to pick berries for us for people who do not, or can not, pick their own. The demand for this service grew to over 50,000 Lbs a year, which seriously reduced the berries available to our U-Pik Customers. To meet our primary goal of providing for our U-Pik customers, and to serve others as well, we began buying "We-Pik" berries the day they are picked from other growers, mostly in Missouri.
Blueberries are difficult to grow in Missouri, and demand is high, so we now have to go much further for berries, e.g., to Arkansas or Michigan. Over 6,000 of our customers appreciate this service. Less than a hand full have publicly complained, implying there is something almost evil about this. To them we suggest, picking their own, buying from other growers (if they can find any who do not buy them from us), or the grocery store, where they are, more and more, grown in Mexico or Chile, by one enormous company, and use aggressive spray schedules.

Sta rted 3/18/05