Picking Report

Back to Off-Season Hours for 2016!

The 2016 Regular picking season has come to an end!

 It's been another great year at The Berry Patch, but with the heat being so intense this summer, everything ripened up much more rapidly than usual! Because of that, the blueberries have winded down quicker than normal. So,
we have transitioned back to our off-season hours (see hours and directions page for details) for the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

However, we are still picking blueberries during our off-season hours for a few more weeks and the picking is very good!

Blackberry picking will continue during off-season hours for several more weeks! Usually until about mid-September!

What does the off-season have to offer?

The store will be open for shortened hours all throughout the winter! During this time, we offer frozen blueberries and blackberries, frozen bakery goods, and of course all of the jams, jellies, honey, and other goodies in the store!

The play area is also open, and the picnic areas remain available all year round! Interested in scheduling a birthday party, large group picnic, or other fun family events throughout the Fall or Spring? Let us know! We are happy to accommodate any large events as long as enough notice is given and we can discuss the details! Facebook messaging is a great way to get ahold of us.

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